We are located by  Port Phillip Bay in Victoria Australia. We specialize in the conversion of old paper plans for wooden boats, converting them into manageable plans for all to work with.
Our plans are fully lofted to full size and all errors within the old offsets have been rectified ensuring true lines and original curves.
Our models begin with original offsets and are corrected according to 3D curves and lines along the chine, sheer, crown and keel lines.
We also convert private plans for owners and do concept plans, and one off custom designs.

We provide the full size plans in Adobe PDF format that can be printed at any large print shop.
We also provide CNC or DXF files for those wishing to use overhead routers to cut-out their frames and components, please check individual plans for what’s included.


Plans are provided only after Paypal payment is verified.

Please feel free to email us with questions on our plans or if you have queries regarding work you would like a quote for.