After some soul searching and thousands of man hours, River Breeze is being offered for sale by Grunde.

Please see the details below and contact Grunde for further details and price.

Please take time to look over these images as each one shows in detail the quality of work that has gone into this masterpiece.



Hull 30 feet :

3 layer at 45 degree 1/8″ pine tree , a  one layer horizontal using mahogany . All woodwork has been baked with NM epoxy , there are  several layers of top coat epoxy, and Lesonal HS Clear coat. All decals are painted. Total weight of the vessel is 2200 kg (4850 Lb.)



Rolls Royce Meteor Engine V-12 cyl, 60 degree angle,

Capacity…………………..: 27 litres (1649 CID)
Bore………………………..: 5420 in,
Capacity………………….: 27 litres (1649 cid) ,
compression ratio……..: 6:1,
Nominal BHP……………: 600 @ 2500 RPM,
Max torque 1450 lbs/ft @1500 RPM .
Engine weight : 1243 lbs. (dry)



General Motors Power Glide, with stick shift (automatic but manually moved from first to second)

Prop and shaft :

Shaft 40 mm Stanley steel. Propeller 4 blade, 42 pitch x 21 dia. Designed by Winrace propellers

Steering and rudder :

Hydraulic operated steering. Cast Brass  Rudder with support for shaft,  (sand molded casting)


Seats are oxblood leather. instrument switches etc. custom made.

Storage tanks:

Gasoline and oil tanks made  of aluminum. Gasoline on starboard and port aft, oil located center.


Engine is fresh water cooled. 2 each plate coolers in engine room. coolers are fed with high volume salt water pump.

Thrust system:

Own design. high volume water pump. Brass nozzle 2 forward and 2 aft. control panel on dashboard, electric maneuvers of valves.(left, right, forward, aft)


Tinted green, supported by brass post’s


Stanley steel, coated internal and external with ceramic coating.


Brand, Tiki. modified and custom made to fit the boat.


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