Banshee is a custom designed 14 foot runabout with a beam of just under 6 feet. The prerequisites were simple enough: A 14 foot runabout that seats 4 with a 1950’s look. An outboard was our first choice enabling costs to be kept down and allowing for inboard room. Unlike most 14 footers, Banshee has 6 frames spaced at 2 feet and includes an optional bulkhead. A low floor locks the rear frames and makes for a sturdy hull. The keel is straight from transom to stem which enables an easy set-up.

A general outboard well is detailed with supports which will allow builders to easily modify it if using a short shaft motor or generally looking to change the aesthetics adding curves to the well area. The Stem is drawn up with positioning for both the breast-hook and first frame. Front and rear bench seats are detailed and are designed for easy removal if required.

Expected outboard power is between 35 and 75Hp based on build quality and load.

Customers have easily scaled this up to 16 feet, printing at 115% and adjusting the spacing accordingly.

A General Arrangement plan is shown below for greater detail.

Plans Include CNC files

Banshee 14 General Arrangement Plan






Price:  USD $ 175.00