Chris Craft achieved amazing vessels by introducing the barrelback or stern back, not only in looks but how they actually went together. So much more to these boats than meets the eye, I often look at the designes and wonder “why?” Complex to say the least, I still can’t understand full length or even 16 foot covering boards. In hindsight their complexity and intricacies have probably helped them survive over 60 years of sunlight and water.

Original authentic copies are scarce for the 19 Barrelback, certainly no shortage of modified and self translated versions available. Due to lack of details and authenticated plans this version of a 19 foot Barrelback should best be described as loosely designed around the Chris Craft 19 1940. While overall sizes and layouts are fine, I have done away with the covering boards and removed the additional components associated with the engine and gas tank.

The chine and sheer logs are drawn in proving the lines and frame cut-outs. A 2″ x 1 1/2″ sheer log is used to help form the bullnose edge. An additional partner line will be added to help place filling blocks along the sheer, deck side. Cut outs for side battens, hull battens and king plank are also included.

Plans include CNC files for those with access to overhead routers etc. Below are 4 images of our Barrelback underway by David Pearce in Portugal who has also built 2 Riva Aquarama’s form our plans.





Price USD $ 195.00