The Cobra seems to be a vessel we either love or hate. To me it’s a bold statement for the 1950’s with a real go at utilising “fibreglass”as a means for creating a distinctive look- the fin and hatch cover.

If I’m not mistaken the Cobra’s both 18′ and 20′ failed to reach the target market at the time which was family boaters. The seating was inadequate and seemed impractical for most families. The Cobra has all frames and deck beams defined, floor timbers, dash, transom, seating, original stringers, stem, hatch assembly and the dreaded fin! The cowling and hatch assembly has been drawn up to be replicated in fibreglass using 1 1/2” deck beams, it ustilises the fin which is modified below the deck line to align the various beams. The entire assembly can then be mated to the vessel using added checking blocks included with the plans.


A difficult boat to replicate even with almost perfect offsets and original plans.

Price: USD $195.00