Work is now complete the  Crackerbox Pro 16 footer.

Deductions have been made for hull, sides and deck so that once printed and cut your

boat will be APBA legal. All frames are included, total of 13. Keel, Stem and building jig are also provided.

These plans are provided as fully lofted PDF files for printing and DXF files (CNC cutting files)

In accordance with APBA rules. the Crackerbox Pro has been drawn up including outer hull thickens to maintain overall size regulations.

In addition to this, points J&K have been clearly marked on the plans ensuring that there is no ambiguity regarding their position.

While some frames may be removed for weight saving, by doing so we cannot guarantee overall size dimensions will be the same.

As so little information is available on the wood version of the Crackerbox Pro, any suggestions of expressions of interest would be welcome.


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