3 1/2 years restoration and 37 years since last in water! Restored by Kent Volmereding, plans unavailable.

One of the first Bullets built in Australia

Rick’s Bullet USA

Simons Bullet

Endurance- Baby Bootlegger 30′

Work in Progress – Endurance


From Fantail to Runabout the C9 22′

Bruce’s C9 22′

23′ Fantail Launch – Steam Powered


GarWood Speedster by Reto


Stem formed using pattern – Zephyr

Streamilned sheer – 22 High Speed Custom


Zephyr patterns

Zephyr underway using patterns

Sweet 16 Replica

Riva Scoiatollo

Riva Scoiatollo










Baby Bootlegger Stem Pattern

Baby Bootlegger Stem Pattern