Still my favourite design around, inspired by the Donzi Sweet 16, features a true 23* dead-rise making easy work out of nasty chop.

I felt an outboard version would be more easily achievable here, keeps the cost down and the weight.
The cockpit area has been opened up allowing more room for seating and customising.
Outboard well is suited to long shaft, more readily available. A question I am always asked on the Deep V is about maximum power . As with any vessel constructed by either an amateur or experienced builder, the power requirement is proportional to the build quality. It may be rated to 150 Hp on paper but can the transom and hull support the forces at full throttle and under load? The simple fact is that the quality of the build will determine the maximum horsepower the boat can safely handle. Some 15 years ago I was with a friend on his 17 foot Streaker (Australian made and very strong fibreglass outboard) when he insisted his boat was underpowered. At the time it had a 90hp Merc outboard that was rarely serviced and in need a some prop mastery. This boat would not get up to plane unless the throttle was eased other wise it sat there cavitating. It was my opinion that the pitch and probably the diameter where not suited to the boat. Someone had fitted and “Stingray” to help with planing but this made little if any impact.

Mistake No: 1

“Eureka” we needed and bigger outboard! This was always going to be the advice from his marine mechanic so $2,500 later and the same prop, it’s back in the water now even worse. It never planed, but I must admit the propeller looked shiny!

Mistake No:2

Change the propeller but leave the newly installed 150Hp outboard. The boat planed successfully. The rest of the story is about transom repairs and an embarrassing tow back to shore…

We have all see the images on-line of over powered boats with their transoms damaged and worse. Build it strong and safe with no shortcuts. If you can’t buy the best material due to finances then either wait or keep this in mind when selecting the outboard.

All plans are in PDF format and full size.

Study Plans- DS16 Assembly

Price: USD $150.00