LOA  16′ 6″   Max Beam 6′


Not sure where to start with the Speed Skiff, an incredibly detailed and difficult design that incorporates stations, bent frames and a flat bottom that

can only be for one purpose…Speed!

True to the plans the Jersey Speed Skiff is drawn up to use stations to form the hull and sides, discarded on completion.

Details include post stations to build upside down without the need for a jig. Hatches, seats, floors, stringers, stem, keel, transom are all detailed and

supplied at full size as PDF plans to be printed out as patterns. A detailed arrangement plan is also provided to space stations and components.

While staying true to the plans I can see the need for frames at some stage to ease the build process but I am unaware of the implications of competition rules

for modified designs…

Anyone with their own images of a Skiff please email us if you’re happy to share some pictures with us!


Price: USD $ 175.00