Designed by Nelson Zimmer

 22 foot, 5′ 11″ Beam

I was introduced to this vessel by some good friends who needed help in setting up. They had originally purchased the sheet plans for some serious dollars and found themselves as we all do with the daunting task of lofting, translating into millimeters and deciphering the complex construction plans. A set-up jig is also included to build up the keel, stem and stations in inverted form. The jig is designed to slot the frames into and form the true lines for keel and stem. The plans include 3D models of the transom, engine hatches, seating and the main assembly. Frames and floor timber have chine, sheer and all batten cut-outs included.

This has has been a pleasure to work on due to the amount of information supplied. It’s all there! There are some 78 individual parts and over 100 parts collectively provided. None of the original dimensions are altered so everything translates back to feet, inches and eight’s of an inch.

Below is Roy Peakes “Julia Rose”. A stunning vessel and a true credit to Roy.

Below are images of Kent’s Palm beach underway in the US .



Study Plans- Assem pb22 spacings

Price: USD $295.00