Designed by Charles D. Mower, circa 1940, Snapper is an appealing 12 foot sailing boat both visually and practically. A great first build for amateurs looking to try their hand on a great entry level round bottom build.

Snapper is fully lofted and drawn up, full plans provided at A0  size, just under 3′ x 4′ so easily printed at any large print outlet. While every item is provided at full size, only some 25 sheets required for conventional building that cover the forms (stations), stem, rear transom, seating, floor stringers, floor timbers, original rudder, flooring.

This is drawn as specified by the designer, includes ribands, bent frames, seating, sail and mast, centerboard, planking details etc.

The bill of materials is clearly laid out including which components must be printed out at full size and which can only be formed on the assembly such as frames and ribands. As with all our plans, the the PDF files supplied must be printed at full scale to produce the correct fully lofted sized vessel. Plans include all PDF files for printing, and 3D model of the finished vessel for part identification and position.


All thickness’s are included within the General Plan layout.

Price: USD $195