Slippery was designed primarily as a mid sized racing hydroplane for the 135ci class, at 14 feet she is on the small side though suitably powered will provide adequate racing speeds. I have yet to find a finished example of Slippery anywhere but certainly one will eventuate.

With a max beam of 4′ 9″ she has ample room for two and sleek lines. Certainly if built using today’s modern methods she would be more than capable of exiting performance to match her breeding.

Included are the frames, floor timbers, stringers, seating, gas tank, transom assembly, deck beams, stem,cowlings, flooring and keels.

All are in full scale to avoid lofting and in Adobe PDF format for ease of printing on any machine.

The above link is to a 1920 Slippery underway…


Price: USD $150.00