Bullet 13′ 6″ by Switzercraft.

I am still unsure how such a fabulous vessel ended up without it’s original plans.

Perhaps the builders of the day used templates or jigs only, a sure sign of their craftsmanship but a potential disaster for future enthusiasts.

The frames can be CNC cut from the DXF files supplied, Bullet is such a low riding speedboat, ring frames are a great way to go. This is truly a treasure from the past, designed years ahead of it’s time and really suited to any level of experience…This is the original Bullet as designed and built by Switzercraft. As there is some ambiguity over the rear transom, both a flat and a 15 degrees version are provided.

With kind thanks to Bob Switzer for his help and construction images on the Bullet!

Bullet with 15 degree transom

Bullet with 15 degree transom









Study Plans-Bullet Switzer 136

Bullet build shots and vdieo running at speed

Price: USD $150.00