Another retro styled runabout from way back, “Torpedo” shown above in it’s original form with twin cockpits. Overall length 13′ 6″ with a 4′ 6″ beam and can plane with about a 10hp motor.

Torpedo feature two rear sponsons mounted off the tramsom providing added stability and positive flotation along with a great look.

This is the simplified way of building Torpedo, there is a very simple set-up jig that locates the frames and transom, the chine, sheer and battens are all pre-cut on the frames and deck frames.

Alll the full size plans are ready to be cut and laid onto timber and are pre labelled for ease of assembly.

Torpedo includes the origial mid deck frames to be used or left out to provide a larger open deck.

Below is the General arrangement plan for studying.

Torpedo GA Plan

Moderately priced I hope for all buyers!

Price: USD $100.00