Frame patterns on Keel and Stem.

Stem pattern used to form keel and place Stem.




This is the real Zephyr, a 16 foot stepped Hydroplane! Reproduced from the original offsets and plans by A.A.Apel. I found this to be a very advanced design in that the stringers start at the transom and end at Frame 2. Other than its impressive deck lines, Zephyr lends itself to a variety of engine sizes through its generous beam. This tested plan has the corrected offsets incorporated into the lines so is suitable for full size construction without the need for correcting the lines and attempting to fair frames. Original offsets are notorious for errors as they were often measured up as a matter of record rather than used to build.

In brief, there are 16 frames including the transom, full length stringers, dual stepped keel set up, engine hatch assay and seat assay.

Construction plans included heights from base, spacings etc…

Study Plans-Zephyr General arrangement plan A

Price: USD $195.00