Just looking at a common boat plan it’s easy to see why so many things can go wrong. Other than getting feet, inches and eighths of inches onto timber at full size, there really is too much information for a single plan.

I prefer 1 plan per item leaving a general arrangement plan to explain heights above a base line and frame spacing’s. Most frustrating of all is the fact that so many offsets are wrong, these offsets were generally taken after the boat was built and it’s easy to see how they where either measured or copied down wrong.

Our plans have  the added bonus of  allowing you to print more than one copy. Some builders have printed their own plans at home first at say 1:10 and built up a scaled model first.

These are PDF files to be printed by the buyer.

Others have used 1 set for building  component frames and the used a second set for checking the final frame with. Directions for building are not included as we cannot afford the time to discuss or cover all possible building methods.

All print shops use Adobe as their main reading and printing software. We use  Kwikopy locally and clients in the US have use Kinkos nationwide.

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Palm Beach framed up


All plans come with a full set of PDF files (Adobe reader files) from the parts themselves to the general arrangement plan. All individual parts are full size and labeled so there is no confusion as to which part you have. Examples of these are provided within the free Dory plans. Most frames are 3” or 76mm, and generally 3/4” (19mm) thick.

The general arrangement plans  have labeled views showing all parts. Most of these are on their respective pages for viewing (Remember to zoom in, these are large prints.)

Shown below are the exact same files as provided for the 20 Foot Flyer. Two 3D models, the model viewer and all the full size plans in Adobe format. Most plans now include a dedicated building jig, specifically designed to space all frame and centre them along with setting the true heights above the base line

Whether on CD Rom or by download, the files are the same. Plans will only be provided once payment is verified by Paypal.

Sample of our Free Boat Plan

13 foot rowing Dory



Below are the files needed to print out the Dory patterns. Ensure you have Adobe Reader installed on your pc…

Dory Assay

Dory Assay Frames and Supports Dory 13 Seats Dory Stem, knee misc Dory Transom Dory