A Gold Cup winner designed by George Crouch.

The most amazing vessel I have ever worked on. Designed in 1924, Bootlegger was always a single build, one off design.

The thought of reproducing this as original is nothing short of miraculous. Babyface Nelson is a replica of this fine vessel and it is absolutely amazing, built by Bruce Hutchison, a dedicated enthusiast with an eye for beauty.

In brief, Baby Bootlegger was originally drawn with some 54 frame, spaced from 6 to 7 inches apart. It has a rear and forward cockpit, twin separate fuel tanks, a rear deck and enough detail to frighten the bravest of men!

Plans are provided on a CD Rom as are images and a bill of materials. Assemblies are included with viewer for part recognition and fitting. The assemblies can be viewed, zoomed and rotated at any angle to see how it all fits!

Also included are all articles and images I have collected from around the web.


Bootlegger under construction. Click to watch video!










Price: USD $350.00

From our friend Grunde in Norway, his Bootlegger underway:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLu77aO