Riva Scoiatollo 2014 BZ


Riva’s only outboard designed in the early 50’s with a 25hp Evinrude. Some 140 models were built between 1950 and 1957. We have been fortunate enough to have received a good set of plans that cover all details enabling us to replicate this little treasure.

Frames include double gussets, seat risers, side battens, keel cut-outs and all other details as per original plans. These are turning out to be very detailed and involved plans but will be suited to amateurs and experienced builders. Dimensions are stated in millimeters and will not be amended to suit inches and feet though fortunately most sizes do coincide with our favored imperial sizes.

At 14 feet there are 9 frames in total spaced at 440 mm or about 17 inches, details on seating and floors is also included ensuring a very close if not exact replica for those happy to put in the effort

Price: USD $295




Riva Scioattolo 1953 Assembly A
























Riva Scoiatollo 2014 BZ










Riva Scoiatollo frames